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Siding & Roof Color

Figuring out what color palette you should use for your home can be a difficult task. Do you want to choose a new roof color but don’t know whether it needs to be darker or lighter than your house’s siding?

Although your roof doesn’t have to be darker than your home’s siding, it should contrast it. Whether you want to choose a lighter, more neutral roof and deeper colored siding or vice versa, it’s best to have one darker than the other.

Choosing A Roof Color?

Generally, you want to choose a roof that compliments your home’s exterior color and design. Like we mentioned above, your roof doesn’t necessarily need to be darker than your home’s siding, but it should contrast it.

Darker roofs seem to be the standard, although it’s better for homes with deeper-colored siding to choose lighter roofing. So if your house has a dark exterior color, it would be a better idea to select a lighter roof design.

Matching The Siding

Matching your siding and roof is not necessary, although this does make for an interesting final design. For modern homes, choosing the same color for your roof and siding could be a good move. This choice will give your house a mono-color, sleek look, but it isn’t necessary.

With that said, even choosing a slightly lighter/darker shade for your roof than your home’s siding is an easy way to keep things uniform while also adding some contrast.

What Color Roof Is Best For My House?

Depending on your style, home’s design, and location, this can vary. Usually, it’s a good idea to have your roof be bold enough to grab people’s attention, but not so much it becomes distracting.

For example, if you have white or beige siding, try choosing a brown, grey, blue, or even black roof color. If your house’s siding is more vibrant, we recommend a neutral roof option like brown, white, or grey.

If your home’s siding is a bit more colorful, we recommend a light, neutral brown roof. Even choosing a deeper shade of brown can work here and give your house a classy, well-designed final look.

What Color Roof Lasts The Longest?

Generally, lighter roofing will keep its color longer than darker options will. Between light and dark roofs, one won’t last longer than the other based solely on color. The most significant factor in longevity is actually the quality of their material.

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