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Ways to Prepare For A Roof Repair

Clear Your Driveway:

When it comes to any type of roofing work, you need to be ready for the possibility of shingles or other debris falling around your home. So you will want to make sure any valuables are either protected in the garage or moved far enough away so they can’t be damaged if and when something falls. In other words, park your cars on the street or pull them into the garage while roofing work is going on.

Make Arrangements for your Pets:

Many pets get spooked by loud and frequent noises. If this happens to your pet then there is a chance that they are not going to like any type of roofing work that’s being performed on your home. Consider seeing if your pets can spend the days at a friend or relative’s home so they’re not worked up into a frenzy. You might also consider taking your pet to a dog or cat day camp.

Cover Any Attic Valuables:

Though roofing work is performed on the exterior of your home, it’s also important to make sure that anything on the interior is properly safeguarded. If you have any valuables in the attic then you will want to make sure they are well protected and covered. This is an area where dust and debris are likely to accumulate most significantly during the roofing work. If you have valuables up there, it could be worth relocating them for the time being or covering them with a tarp.

Potential Landscape Damage:

Like we said in the sections above, things are bound to fall off the roof once the work begins.  While you may have moved your cars  you should also be sure to pay attention to any landscaping. You might consider covering your bushes or shrubs that may come into contact with any falling debris. It is also suggested to cut your grass before the work starts, as this will make debris easier to find and clean up around your property.

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