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Older roofing shingles and wood shakes typically have a 15- to 30-year lifespan depending on the shingles’ quality, the location and tree cover of your home, and how well the roof was installed originally. Direct sunlight, weather/wind, and poor roof deck ventilation are rough on CT Area roofs.

Though the CertainTeed and GAF shingles we use today have lifetime warranties, they didn’t a decade ago. We tell our customers that 12 years is a good rule of thumb to go by. At that point, check for these warning signs:

  • Curling shingles
  • Loss of the asphalt granulation (looks like bald spots)
  • Evidence of leaking on your ceilings
  • Cracked or discolored interior drywall (painted or wallpapered)
  • Decaying shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Visible cracks
  • Wind damage
  • Broken or damaged shingles
  • Rusted or missing flashing

If a residential roof is over 15 years old, we recommend you call us out for a look. Sometimes the damage isn’t visible to the untrained eye on the ground, and catching it early can avoid expensive interior repairs in the future.

All roofing professionals will generally advise against DIY roofing and doing any repairs on your own because it is not safe, and very often, you end up needing a professional roofer anyway. So, to save time, money and avoid unnecessary risks, it’s better you leave it to the professionals.

In addition to that, professional roofing contractors have extensive training and are certified by the materials manufacturer, so you will also get warranties. And when the roof is repaired by someone who hasn’t been trained or approved by the manufacturer, you most likely won’t get a warranty.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

The cost of roofing repair or installing a new roof system depends on the pitch of your roof, size of your roof or the roof area that needs repair, type of materials used, what condition the roof is in, current market costs, number of shingle layers, and the chosen roofing contractor. The best way to find out the cost is to have a free estimate done.

Always remember that your home’s roof is an investment, so opting for a quick and cheap fix will usually cost you more in the long run.

If your roof is very old and there are constant problems, replacing the roof might be your best bet. However, if you are experiencing a small problem, a simple fix may suffice.

Cracked, curling, broken, or missing shingles can be repaired to stop a leak, but older roofs or roofs with widespread issues and many leaks must be replaced.

The only way to determine what type of roofing service is needed is to contact a roofing contractor and get a detailed roof inspection.

A lot of different kinds of damages can compromise your roof system. These are some of the most common ones to look out for:

  • Deteriorated flashings and loose seams
  • Discolored or cracked interior drywall
  • Leaks on your ceiling
  • Loss of asphalt granules (you will see them in the gutters)
  • Decaying, cracked, or missing shingles

These are some of the issues you might notice yourself, but for a deeper, more thorough inspection, make sure to call in a roofer.

Each roof is different, and each project has a different size. Roof repairs usually take a few hours, but the exact timeframe will depend on the extent of the damages.

You can ask your roofing contractor for a specific timeline once they’ve inspected the roof and when they give you their estimate. A good contractor will be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long the project will take.

There are so many options out there, so choosing the right roofing contractor can seem overwhelming. Start by asking for referrals and, if you can, talk to some former clients to see if there were any complaints. For the same reason, look at your contractor’s reviews online.

A roofing contractor should also be insured and licensed. Ask the company about the products they use and whether their materials and labor are covered by warranties.

Last but not least, a roofing contractor should clean the area once the job is over, finish when they said they would, and address any issues immediately.

There are a few reasons for leaks on a new roof, and one of the most common ones is extreme weather or impact damage. If something like that happens, the best idea is to call your roofing contractor immediately and let them inspect the issue thoroughly and fix it for you.

They will come out to inspect the roof as soon as possible and prevent the leak from growing bigger. And since your roof is new, it will most probably be protected by a warranty, so you won’t have to worry about additional costs.

When it comes to your property, your roof, their maintenance and repair, it is essential to understand all the options that are available to you. Decisions based on knowledge and hard facts will guarantee you peace of mind throughout any roofing project.

If you have any additional questions about maintaining or repairing your roof or you require efficient roof repair services, contact Premier Roofing Services, and we’ll be happy to help!

By hiring us, you will have a team of roofing repair contractors at your full disposal, committed to your 100% satisfaction.

This depends on whether the roofing shingles are past their prime or the original roofing contractor installed part of or the whole roof system improperly. Perfectly good roofing shingles can be repaired if the damage hasn’t affected their integrity. If your roof shingles are old and decaying, it’s economically smarter to replace the entire roof.
Several factors go into determining the cost of your new roof. They include the quality and professionalism of your roofing contractor; the brand, type and grade of roofing shingle you select; the size of your roof and the shape and slope of your roofline.

Don’t choose a roofing contractor on cost alone. Price is a factor, but not the only factor you should consider. Quality roofing material and contractor workmanship have value. Hiring the cheapest roofing contractor could cost more in the long run when you consider the cost to repair sub-par roofing and the damage it causes.

Get a roofing estimate for an accurate idea. Premier Roofing Services company’s estimates are convenient, fair, no obligation and you don’t have to be home.

This is a roofing question where aesthetics and finances come into play. Not one roofing shingle manufacturer compensates Premier Roofing Services to promote their products. Having been in a roofing contractor for many years, we can recommend without hesitation CertainTeed and GAF asphalt shingles. For the vast majority of homes on Connecticut, these roofing shingles deliver the best value for the money and look for curb appeal.
Roof replacement and roofing repair is messy and noisy process. Consider going somewhere else for about two to three hours once roofing contractors start removing the old roofing shingles to avoid all the noise. Keep pets in mind too. There’s no way around it. But we do all we can to minimize hassle and inconvenience during the roofing process.

  • If your garage doesn’t have a ceiling, our roofers will place tarps to keep debris from falling into your garage. After the solid decking is installed, we’ll remove the tarps and use a blower to clean out the dust.
  • Park your cars in the street. The roof removal trucks need to back up to the house. You’ll save your tires from nails and your car from dust and falling debris.
  • Use common sense and protect any item that you would be upset about if it broke. Many contractors tell you to remove pictures from walls, chandeliers from the ceiling, knick-knack from shelves, etc. with over 25 years of roofing experience instead, we have never heard a customer say that anything fell off their walls or shelves. Seems like a lot of work for a problem that we have never experienced.
  • If you have a paver or some other form of the decorative driveway, we will cover it with plywood to protect the surface from roofing vehicles and falling shingle debris.
  • If you have a swimming pool, close the pool cover. If you don’t have a cover, we’ll tarp it too. Roofing debris can stain plaster finishes.
We are able to provide our roofing services across all of Connecticut, but the towns we service most frequently are: Avon, Berlin, Bloomfield, Bristol, Burlington, Canton, Cromwell, East Granby, East Hartford, East Windsor, Enfield, Farmington, Glastonbury, Granby, Hartford, Hartland, Manchester, Marlborough, New Britain, Newington, Plainville, Rocky Hill, Simsbury, South Windsor, Southington, Suffield, West Hartford, Wethersfield, Windsor and Windsor Locks.

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